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A young company, with modern ideas, facing a strong local, cultural, historical and technical heritage to put back on the list of our national skills: this is what gave birth to the COMINAUV! We want to relaunch the extraction and carving of French minerals, and it begins with our project of the first modern amethyst quarry in metropolitan France. Welcome to our adventure.

About us

The company

The Compagnie des Minéraux d'Auvergne (or COMINAUV) was created in March 2018 at the instigation of Nicolas LEGER and Mathieu MOULIN. Its goals are, on one hand, relaunching the extractive techniques and the French lapidary art over different minerals present in the local underground, and on the other hand, to contribute to the improvement and spreading of scientific knowledge about minerals. Its missions therefore include prospecting, extracting, carving/cutting and marketing of mineral materials, as well as any scientific and cultural activity related to minerals. It started its activities in the Auvergne region, rich in mineral resources, with a first amethyst quarry project in the Puy-de-Dôme county.

Our values

Like many modern companies, we wanted to define a small number of moral values that influence our decisions. However, unlike large companies, in which values are only theoretically applied, our values play an important part in our decisions (with all the disadvantages that this generates): Honesty, Efficiency, Respect, and Local Involvement. These values are reflected in various domains of the company, as well as in the design of our projects.

The founders

We are currently two to manage this company, with our own knowledges and resources:

  • Nicolas LEGER, 44 years old, Gemologist and Lapidary, President of COMINAUV;
  • Mathieu MOULIN, 31 years old, Engineer-Geologist, General Manager of COMINAUV;

However, we would like to mention Christian GESLIN and Valérie AUBARD, and thank them for their support and participation during the first two years of the company.

Our projects

The “St Joseph des Mines de Poux” amethyst quarry

This is the first project based on our “micro-quarry” concept: a site of less than 3 ha, with optimized extracted resources, processing techniques and environmental impacts. The Auvergne amethyst was extracted punctually at least from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century, for its intense purple color. It was one of the imperial and religious gemstones, and now we want to give it back its place among the fine minerals of the world. Our administrative authorization is currently being examined.

The lapidary workshop

We have the ambition to recreate a modern place dedicated to lapidary art in all its forms (cleaning, trimming, rolling, polishing, cutting, engraving, faceting, etc.) in Auvergne, in a logic of resilience and local involvement. Once built, this workshop will become the company's main site. It should rise from the ground 3 to 4 years after the quarry opening.

What will be produced

Other minerals

Once the “micro-quarry” model has been mastered with the “St Joseph des Mines de Poux” site, we plan to apply it to other local minerals (such as sapphire, fluorite, etc.). We will thus have a representative panel of the diversity of Auvergne stones at first, and why not of the whole of France thereafter...?

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Email: contact@cominauv.fr
Head office: 9 place Saint-Paul,
63500, Issoire